WordPress vs Static HTML – What’s Best for Your Business Website?

Business Website – WordPress vs Static HTML Which one is Best?

Having a business website for your business has become as common as having a phone number. It is actually rare for an established or upcoming business to not have an online presence in the form of a website.

If you are planning to build a website for your business, there are two options available to you: WordPress or static HTML. They both offer unique qualities but serve the same purpose. Let us discuss both of them to understand which one is best for your business profile.


WordPress is a Content management system and is one of the most popular website content management systems seen today. It is praised for its simplicity and everyone can use it without requiring an advanced skillset as there is no coding involved.


  • User-friendly interface

This is perhaps the strongest feature of WordPress. It is simple enough for even beginners to use, the dashboard is engaging and does not require a professional web developer to add or edit pages. This allows business owners themselves to manage their websites and make it according to their ideas and expectations.

  • Template and theme variety

WordPress offers various professional templates that are ready to be used and are free. This saves time and effort in designing your own theme. As there are thousands of themes on offer, you can easily try new ones until you find the perfect template that best matches your businesses profile.

  • Plugin compatibility

Another reason why WordPress is so powerful and widely used is the fact that it supports a large number of plugins. A WordPress plugin is a software application that runs on the WordPress platform and provides additional functionality allowing the website to become more effective and serve its purpose.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a website building language that defines the structure of web pages. To create a website using HTML, an experienced web developer is required to write the foundation code of the website.

Reasons to use HTML for your business website development

  • Minimal maintenance needed

Unlike WordPress, HTML does not need plugin updates or regular precautionary backups as there is no compatibility for plugins. This makes it a less labor-intensive option as opposed to WordPress that requires constant maintenance for upgrading plugins and installing template updates.

  • Access to code

With a HTML website, you will be working directly with the underlying code, this will be easy to work with if you have a dedicated web developer to edit the code. Customized code can be used to tailor-make a website.

Will WordPress, or static HTML suit your business needs?

After learning about both options, it is time to decide which is better for building your business website and why it is the better choice.

If the purpose of your website is just to be informative and there are no intentions of changing content very often and only contains a few web pages, HTML will be the better approach. The speed of static HTML will be faster, something users take into consideration.

However, if you plan to make constant updates to your web pages, use extensive plugins, or plan on adding a blog or sales capability we suggest WordPress. Using WordPress also reduces costs as a professional web developer will not be needed. This may seem like the way to go if your target customers are younger people who are more likely to purchase items online.

WordPress and static HTML are both capable of creating an effective website that will boost your business's reach, regardless of which one you select. For professional help on which one to select fee; free to visit Deep Technologies and get advice from the Best Web Development Company in Surat. Please send your query to info@deepit.com.

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