After having decided to kick start your own Ecommerce venture, the one big doubt that lingers in your mind is picking the right platform to build your Ecommerce website. No doubt, an Ecommerce platform simplifies the job of creating an Ecommerce website. However with too many Ecommerce platforms available in the market it becomes a tad confusing when it comes to selecting the best among the lot.   Before zeroing in on an Ecommerce platform you need to consider some factors that will be crucial to your business’s success. They are      


1. Cost factor 2. Customizable 3. Business centric features 4. User friendliness 5. Secure 6. Widespread public acceptance  


Now if you use these factors as a benchmark for finding a good Ecommerce platform and start looking out for them in the popular Ecommerce platforms available in the market, you will decipher Magento to be distinctly ahead of its competitors in the market. Now let us see as to how does a Magento platform transforms your Ecommerce business to a new high.   


Cost effective Magento comes in 2 editions namely Community and Enterprise edition. Out of these two, the community edition is absolutely free to third party usage, comes with an exhaustive set of features and facilitates customization. To perform the customization, knowledge in PHP framework is required. Added to that, there are lots of free Magento extensions available such as one step checkout, social login, Magento WordPress integration, Fooman Google Analytics, etc. By integrating these extensions to your Magento store, you can impress your customers and extend the reach of your Ecommerce store.   


Admin friendly As an admin once you are done with your Magento development, you will literally require no assistance at all. That is because of the sundry back end options available for the admin. These options are very instrumental in simplifying the work and saving admin’s precious time. In Magento, admin normally has the option to upload simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable, bundled and grouped products respectively. Also Magento allows the admin to upload edit and delete products in bulk. Further admin gets to provide in depth information for a product such as multiple images, exhaustive textual content, etc.   


Business prospective Magento is basically a robust platform and is flexible to change. One of the biggest advantages of using a Magento platform is that in future if you wish to transform your store in to a multi vendor marketplace, then that can be done without any hassles. Magento does not place any limit on the store or product count. You can add any number of them. The indigenous design and the sophisticated functionalities offers you the much needed support to create a multi vendor marketplace that is on par with popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. in terms of features and performance. Magento offers responsive themes using which you can provide an unbiased user experience to users accessing your website from any mobile device. Also Magento enables to create an exclusive magento mobile app for your Ecommerce website.   


Options for performance optimization Another incredible aspect about Magento is that from the backend you can optimize your Ecommerce website’s loading speed. Magento comes with a default cache called the file system cache. You can enable this cache system to render cached pages to your visitors and improve the loading speed. Extensions like full page cache can also be utilized for this purpose. You can also keep control over the number of HTTP requests by merging JavaScript files and CSS files together. At the backend you will find options to merge JavaScript files and CSS files under the configuration tab. By clicking the merge option you can reduce the HTTP request hindering your site’s loading speed.   


Effective from security & marketing perspective Contrary to the common perception, Magento is a very SEO friendly platform. It gives you the choice of creating a search engine friendly URL for your sites and insert keywords in metatags. Magento dynamically generates an XML sitemap whenever a new URL is created. In terms of security Magento facilitates transactions on an SSL layer, thereby safeguarding your customer’s credentials from hackers and shielding your site against account spoofing and DDOS attacks. From a marketing perspective, Magento allows you to market your offers and deals through newsletters. In fact it offers responsive newsletter templates to target your mobile customers. The above factors make it very clear that Magento a very prospective platform for your Ecommerce business. So take your Ecommerce store to the next level by using Magento platform.