Who are the safest and most secure email providers


Today’s professional world revolves around emails. And while our normal emails aren’t that confidential and don’t require high-end security, most companies do need that. Email security is important to conserve the integrity of conversations and data shared over emails. And this is when you start thinking of the most secure email provider for your professional or business use.

Why is email security important?

As mentioned earlier, we live in a world operated by mail. One cannot afford a lack of security when it comes to email. With email security, you prevent hackers from accessing your email contents. Government and Professional organizations require email security for the accounts of their entire panel and organizations. 

Most email service providers encrypt emails while they are transmitted between the computer and the server. However, there is no encryption on the server at all. This allows the service providers access to your data, and they could sell this data to a third party and put your security at risk. To avoid this and secure your highly confidential data, you need email security services from the best secure email providers. 

What are email security risks?

When choosing the best secure email provider, numerous email security risks arise. Here are the significant email security risks. 

  • Phishing
  • Spoofing
  • Ransomware
  • Malicious software
  • Configuration Mishaps
  • Domain squatting
  • Client-Side attacks
  • Chain mail

Types of email security features

There’s no standard definition that describes secure mail. This is why one needs to understand the features of email security service providers and the encryption and other security features offered by them. 

Here are the kind of security features you should be looking for: 

Anti Virus Protection

The chosen best secure email provider would separate spam and regular mail. If a user opens such mails and opens the attachments in the mail, there are chances that the hackers can get access to your data. Hackers send malicious content on these links. To save your IT systems from such content, you need robust email services that identify such emails and block their entry into your system. 

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication secures your account’s credentials. It restricts entry into your email account by adding a layer of security and authentication. Just a password won’t help hackers get into your mail. They would need authentication through the mail, phone, or related way to verify their presence. Hence, an added security feature you should look for. 

Data Encryption

Data encryption in transit is perhaps the most crucial element of cybersecurity. You should look for the best secure email provider. With advanced cryptography features, one can also safeguard the recipient’s details and message headers. This way, hackers won’t get any information regarding the contents of the email—lookout for secure email providers who use advanced cryptography features to encrypt the data. ProtonMail, HubSpot, and Mailbox are mail service providers offering secured data encryption. 

Open Source

With open-source software, you can check the source code and ensure that the product is secure for your use. 

Image and Content Control

Phishing is the popular way for hackers to send malicious content through images. With image control features, even the photos are scanned before you receive them to avoid malicious content. Hence and added a security feature. 

Conclusively, having a secure email provider for your company and organization could solve most of your security-related concerns. Look out for the most secure email provider and the one that suits your needs.

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