For a better Google friendly website and a high Google ranking few things has to be done and what are those, i will tell you. Let's get started then -  


1. The best and the most effective way are to make your website more useful, more informative and most gratifying for the users. Google likes people who make website for peoples and not for search engines.  


2. The titles which we provide in our websites should be unique. Every title should be page specific i.e. it should be relevant to the content of that page only no two titles should be same.  


3. You have to make your website pop out from other websites, make it more user friendly and entertaining and having multimedia contents. Google will appreciate that.  


4. There is no need for fitting your “keywords” here and there in websites so that your SEO builds up, trust me Google don't like it, you should make your content eye catching for the user and not a content having your “keywords” stuffed here and there.  


5. Check your website with the help of Google spider simulator and take necessary actions for all the wrong material in it. You have to make sure that Google gets you, and understands you.  


6. Just don't copy the content from anywhere in your website, you know that the content has been copied so do Google. Its crawler makes out easily that from where the content has been copied and it is not appreciated by the Google.  


7. The links you provide in your websites should not be only used for monetary value; it should be used for the people. Other than this the links provided in the website should not be broken or should not be redirected to a different address if specified for another address.  


8. There should not be any hidden links and hidden texts in your website. One can hide these things from users but not from Google crawler and it is not at all good for the website.  


9. One should not add viruses, malware, trojan's, malicious content in the website. Your website should be a safe place to visit a user and not a place of getting malicious content in stock.  


10. Do not add any cheap tricks to make your website more famous, fake ratings and fake reviews can be penalized by Google.  


11. Sitemap is very important in website; user and search engines should get an idea of the track/path of the website, so it should be present in the website also static text links helps a lot.  


12. The links provided in the website should not exceed then 100 per page; also the pages in the website should be user friendly.  


13. Think as a user and for the user, the keywords that a person can search related your services should be present in the website, but that to in adequate quantity only.  


14. Don't disobey the users, when a user clicks a link he/she should be redirected to that link only and not to the other address also a website should be in such a form that a user enjoys it and also understands it easily.