What are the best alternatives to Google G Suite / Google Workspace?

What are the best alternatives to Google G Suite / Google Workspace?

Whether your company is tiny, large, or somewhere in the between, it will likely have many moving pieces that need to function together like a well-oiled machine to flourish. Most businesses must invest in team collaboration and a productivity suite like Google Workspace that allows diverse departments to share information, communicate, streamline workflows, and stay on track with project objectives.

Google is finally phasing out the outdated version of G Suite, requiring users to upgrade to a premium Google Workspace subscription. Nonprofit companies and educational institutions are the only ones who will not be impacted by this move, as they can continue to use Google Workspace’s free plans.

Google’s collaboration, communication, and productivity products will demand a membership charge starting May 1, 2022. As a result, those without the financial means will have to seek these services elsewhere. Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, was created with those objectives. Its rich feature set, secure third-party email hosting, and 99.9% Service Level Agreement for covered services have delighted millions of business users. However, some consumers have decided to move their business elsewhere due to a recent price rise.

What is the Google G Suite called now?

Google Workspace is the new name for G Suite. Gmail and Docs, among other business productivity products, now have a new logo and more functionality. 

The new name communicates that the apps are more connected and integrated with users and consumers. As a result, the Workspace applications’ logos will be updated to match the current Google logo’s color palette. Google Workspace is a new integrated user experience that enables individuals to work more effectively, remain connected, and drive businesses to create new digital customer experiences. 

G Suite (Google Workspace) Legacy Alternatives

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of Google’s primary competitors in all-in-one cloud collaboration solutions. 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan

• Host email with a 50-gigabyte mailbox and a custom email domain.

• Use web-based Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

• Facilitate up to 300 individuals in online meetings and video conferencing.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

• Use the most recent versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs on web and desktop computers and macs

• Use Outlook, Exchange, and Microsoft Teams to communicate with customers and coworkers.

• Protect your company from advanced cyber threats like phishing and ransomware with sophisticated phishing and ransomware protection.

• Encrypt sensitive information to prevent data from being mistakenly shared.

Zoho Mail

It offers a variety of commercial cloud software, but its email offerings will most interest most users. If you require a unique business email that integrates with Google and Microsoft’s sophisticated collaboration capabilities, Zoho is a good choice.

Zoho’s Mail only plan ranges from Rs 58 for 5 GB per user and Rs 75 for 10 GB (Mail Lite), Rs 199 (Premium), and Rs 99 (workspace).

The standard plan of Zoho is Rs 800 per month and the professional plan of Zoho is Rs 1400 per month.

As reasonable as the pricing sound, Zoho is worth it. Zoho helps different businesses to stay at the top.

10 GB Mailbox

There is no doubt that email marketing is beneficial for every company. So with 10 GB MailBox, attract your hot leads and turn them into your potential customers.

10 GB mailbox has a lot to offer, for instance: 

  • Host email
  • You will get billing support 
  • You will get 10 GB of space for your emails
  • Two-step security users and so on. 

Also, the price of these services is quite reasonable. The pricing starts from Rs 360 per user per year. Such beneficial service but at such affordable rates, isn’t it amazing? 

Is G Suite (Google Workspace) worth the money?

A fantastic productivity suite for business owners who wish to collaborate with team members worldwide. The product is simple to use and includes well-known apps. It may also scale up as your business expands, as you can quickly add and delete users. G Suite (Google Workspace) functions better when linked to the internet, but it is not essential.

Why is G Suite (Google Workspace) the best?

G Suite (Google Workspace), we believe, is a far superior option for small business owners. It’s much easier to use, and their online and mobile apps are excellent. In addition, you probably already use a lot of their programs, like Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Google Docs, and others. Another benefit of G Suite (Google Workspace) is the cost.

After working with various alternatives like Microsoft 365 and Zoho Mail, we at Deep Technologies advise our customers on what’s best for them. For instance, use Microsoft 365 and Zoho Mail for bigger companies, and for a startup, a 10 GB Mailbox is the best. Plus, we also provide Hybrid Email services

To all your doubts regarding various other alternatives, Deep Technologies is there to help you 24×7.

While this is an additional burden on your business operation, consider it an investment. After all, the value it delivers is worth far more than what Google is asking. And if in case you really can’t spare extra, you can migrate to the other services listed above to keep your operation running smoothly.

We discussed and provided you with the most acceptable alternative approach to efficiently tackle the issue in the post above. However, if G Suite (Google Workspace) is no longer free and is causing you anxiety, you must take a backup of all of your G Suite (Google Workspace) data.

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