10 steps to create an engaging responsive website.

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An engaging responsive website would attract and retain the attention of the users compelling them to take the action you desire. 


Here is your 10 steps detailed guide towards create an engaging responsive website.


Stick to simple, clean, functional layouts. Before you set out to select the layout know clearly the purpose of your responsive website


Step 1

Stick to simple layouts.

Clean spaces offer a refreshment, improves readability, and reduces clutter on your webpage.


Step 2

Make proficient use of White spaces.

It’s important that users feel at home while navigating through parts of your responsive website.


Step 3

Ensure easy navigation.

Limit the basic color scheme of your website to 2 colors with an addition of accent color.


Step 4

Use a color palette to your advantage.

Ensure that you make use of easy-to-understand language and maintain a friendly tone.


Step 5

Scheme your text.

Engaging video is far likely to imprint an impression compared to a textual form of content.


Step 6

Don’t shy away to use multimedia.

Understand the science behind font types and their sizes.


Step 7

Ensure text readability.

Place your CTA’s strategically where users can scan them easily.


Step 8

Make efficient use of CTA’s.

The only way to pursue your users to stay more on your site is by keeping them interested.


Step 9

Cut down inessentials.

70% of the web traffic is generated through mobile devices.


Step 10

Make your responsive website mobile-friendly.