Shopify website development cost in India

Cost of Setting up an eCommerce site in India using Shopify

The rise of Shopify eCommerce has advanced the World into a Global village quite literally. Websites have become the forefront of business executives, and it’s quintessential that you give your business an online digital front to explore new heights. However, developing and running an eCommerce website isn’t an easy task. There are thousands of back-end tasks that bring together a website that has a seamless shopping experience to offer.  

As mentioned earlier, running and maintaining an eCommerce website is quite a costly affair. After all, you could consider it a replica of your physical store, and the only difference is that it caters to customers across the World. Everything needs to be reconsidered, from design to accessibility to security, while making an eCommerce website that the customer can rely on and trust. 


eCommerce website making costs in India

Well, let’s understand in brief the parts that constitute website charges. When considering the idea of taking any website live, you have to pay for domain charges, hosting charges, designing, CMS, Responsive web charges, and a hundred different kinds of fees. It’s a series of experts coming together to bring live a website that would make you bucks. 

Are you looking forward to developing an eCommerce website for your business? 

Well, let’s break down the costs for easy understanding-

  • Domain Charges– The domain charges for any website could range between INR 180 – 6,000 annually. Each year you need to renew your domain license to keep the website alive. You can select the available domain names by heading to domain registrars like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Google, etc. 
  • Hosting charges vary between INR ₹2,000 to ₹30,000 depending on the Server services and the plan you choose. It’s important to understand your needs while choosing a plan. 
  • Web Designing charges– The layout of the website holds importance not only for an aesthetic purpose but also for psychologically uplifting the site in the eyes of visitors. From placing icons appropriately to color schematics to content placement, web designing is as much psychologically related as visually. Designers charge anywhere between ₹15k to ₹300K in India for designing a website of your caliber choice. 
  • SEO charges– You cannot compromise on SEO activities while launching or running an eCommerce website. It is what helps you stay relevant, upfront, and on top of search engines. 

We can say that the development of an eCommerce website in India starts anywhere from ₹60 – ₹70K and can extend up to Lakhs depending on multiple facets. 

Shopify website development cost in India

With its extensive and comprehensive easy set features, Shopify has made the development of an eCommerce website a lot easier. It is the largest eCommerce platform that offers fully hosted cloud solutions. It is your trump card to grow your business exponentially. Not only does it provide support and unlimited bandwidth, but it also allows you to fully customize your eCommerce software as per your needs and ease. If you consider entering into an eCommerce segment, Shopify is the best platform to start and grow. 

Here’s a detailed guide to understanding Shopify pricing in India. 

From easy app integrations to customizable stores and unparalleled security and consistent customer support, you get to choose from 5 plans that Shopify has to offer. 

Basic Shopify Plan

It costs 29$ a month (INR 2,200)

The basic Shopify plan allows you to create a fully functional website and offers an SSL certificate. It allows you to update an unlimited number of products for your store and is basically a smartphone application that allows you to process orders and receive payments. 


The perfect and the highest-selling plan for a reason, Shopify is priced at 79$ per month (INR 5,900).

Advanced Shopify plan

The advanced plan of Shopify is priced at 299$ per month (INR 22,126)

This is a perfect plan for companies who are taking their online eCommerce business to a new level. It encapsulates all the features of basic and Shopify plans and lays a stepping stone to your more grand eCommerce Venture.

Shopify Lite Plan

This plan priced at 9$ per month (INR 700) allows you to set up an entire business via Facebook and messenger integration. It’s excellent for small-scaled individuals who wish to set up a digital business without a website and even for those who wish to integrate sales on their already existing websites. 

Shopify Gold Plan

This fully customizable plan is priced at 2,000$ per month( INR 1,50,000) and allows you to craft and curate your own eCommerce store on a magnanimous level quite easily. 

Wrapping up, Shopify offers an excellent platform to start your eCommerce journey. From online customizable solutions to reliable cloud platforms and relentless customer support, it is bound to make your digital journey more pleasurable. You can avail of their 14 days free trial to understand in thorough detail the suitability of the platform for your business. 

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Note: All approx prices are as of date Oct. 12, 2021