The title means search engine friendly website. Search engine optimization on page and off page or web promotion is essential to web site postponing and visibility on major search engines on the Internet. Website marketing and promotion is an expert job what with search engine consistently upgrading and tweaking their algorithms. It requires a lot of analysis understanding the way algorithms index and rank a website and hence understanding what elements of web design are friendly to the search engines.


Website Design & Development Company in Surat


Though on page optimization is not strictly a web designer’s job he can assist the optimizer in redesigning website the way he wants. The title and Meta tags have to be placed correctly and h1 and h2 tags etc have to be properly formatted using css and other website designing techniques. The images should not be heavy as to slow down the downloading speed of the web pages. Proper alt tags should be used since spiders do not decipher images. Internal architecture of the website should be such that each resource is accessible by using one or two clicks.


The whole exercise is to make ideal and unique website that are not spam and are easy for search engine spiders to index and rank. The website should be highly user friendly vis a vis navigation, content and other elements of usability. The latter is most important as search engines lay a primary criteria on this aspect. The whole purpose of presenting a website on the top to the users is that it should be relevant and useful; otherwise the visitors would lose faith on the search engine service providers like Google, Yahoo and Bing