What’s changing in Google Sheet

The G-suite has introduced three new features that will help you clean and work your data in Sheets. These features are:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Trim whitespace
  • Compatible spreadsheet shortcuts

Remove Duplicates

A highly requested highlight, you’ll be able to utilize this tool to effortlessly remove duplicate values from your sheet, saving you time by eliminating the need to compose an app script or physically remove duplicate information.

Who’s affected

Now you will think who will get affected by this upcoming feature. Those who will get affected are End Users.

To remove duplicates from a range of data:

  • Select the range of data in your sheet
  • From the toolbar, select Data > Remove duplicates. In the dialogue box, you’ll see your selected range of data.
  • Select Remove duplicates. You’ll see an extra dialogue box details how many duplicates are been removed from your dataset.

Trim Whitespace

In some case when you add data to a sheet, it does not have a format that you need. Now, you can easily standardize your sheet by using the Trim Whitespace feature to remove any leading, trailing, or excessive whitespace from the array of cells or data.

To trim whitespaces:

  • Select a cell or range of data that contains whitespace on your sheet
  • From the toolbar, select Data > Trim whitespace
  • You’ll then see a dialogue box that details how many cells whitespace was removed from.

Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts:

You’ll now use well-known keyboard shortcuts from other spreadsheets in Sheets. These familiar shortcuts will make exploring and working with information in Sheets faster for clients.

To enable compatible keyboard shortcuts:

  • Users can access keyboard shortcuts by going to Help > Keyboard shortcuts.
  • From here, you can see a list of keyboard shortcuts and their corresponding commands. Note that compatible shortcuts will be denoted with an info icon.
  • At the bottom, you can enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts.
  • You can click “View compatible shortcuts” at the bottom right to see a complete list of all newly available shortcuts.

Additional Details

  • The remove duplicates and trim whitespaces features will be supported in Apps Script, macro recording, and one platform APIs in early June 2019.
  • This feature is available for all G Suite editions and it will be ON by default.

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