Magento Commerce Launches Business Intelligence for B2B Companies

November 2, 2017 – Magento eCommerce, the worldwide leader in cloud

digital commerce innovation, announced powerful out-of-the-box

business intelligence capabilities to meet the demands of B2B companies

seeking to connect their commerce and revenue performance. Magento

Business Intelligence for B2B provides integrated, easy-to-use dashboards

and reporting tools that enable B2B companies to enable strategic data-

driven decision making.

Magento Commerce Launches Business Intelligence for B2B Companies

The launch of Magento Business Intelligence for B2B includes four new B2B-specific dashboards:

  • Companies – Evaluate customer health through a snapshot of customer lifetime value, time since last order, and credit balance data.
  • Quotes – Track quoted business performance with reports showing conversion rates, average discounts, and median negotiation time.
  • Sales Representatives – Understand sales team performance with metrics including quote to order rates, median time to close, and unfulfilled quotes.
  • Catalogs – Analyze product revenue, products ordered, and bestsellers by catalog.

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