Magento 1 VS Magento 2

Key Differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2 – Why You Should Migrate?

Since Magento 1 will lose support by the end of 2020, it is important to upgrade to Magento 2. To understand the differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2, here is the comparison between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Page Loading Speed 

Magento 2 has undergone optimization to give faster page loading speed and lower server response times. This gives a better all-round performance, something Magento 1 lacks. 

Mobile Responsive

As e-commerce stores shift towards mobile devices, this becomes a concern for any business. Magento 2 is more mobile-responsive than Magento 1. Both themes and check-out facilities are suitable for viewing on any mobile device.

Payment Gateway Support

Magento 2 offers support for popular payment gateways without needing any external extensions. This includes PayPal which is a globally recognized payment gateway. Magento 1 requires third-party integration or customization to make this possible. This makes the new Magento version more useful for e-commerce business website development.

No Extension Conflicts

The new Magento version plugins allow overlapping of code rather than over-riding. This was a flaw in Magento 1. Extension conflicts would cause plugins to rewrite the same functionality.

Canonicalization Solved

The new Magento version gives a canonical tag so there are no chances of having duplicate content on your website. This is not present in Magento 1. This is especially helpful for SEO and ranking in search engines.

SEO Friendly

The new Magento version includes the ability to generate, modify, and update Meta Titles, Meta Description, and Meta tags for each individual page. This is a great help for merchants that are proactive in terms of search engine optimization.

Improved Security

Magento 1 will lose support after 2020 and no more security updates will not be given. This leaves you and your customers vulnerable to cyber attacks. Magento 2 offers better security and regular security updates to increase safety.

Magento will be highly useful for the e-commerce business website. People who are familiar with the Magento 1 interface will benefit by upgrading to the new Magento version. Magento 2 is a worthy update over Magento 1 as it offers better features.

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