hybrid email solution


Hybrid email is nothing but using more than one email service provider on the same domain. So this means you can use your existing email service like Google Workspace with another email service like Microsoft 365 without changing your email address.

Divide your organization’s email users between two different email service providers, shift a part of your basic email users to another cloud-based email platform, while allowing your remaining management level users to continue using the email platform they are currently on or vice versa.

There are many factors due to which companies use more than one email solution on one domain.


A 50-users company can save 40% by implementing hybrid email solutions, compared to using anyone alone.

Easy Migration

You decide which employee uses their existing email platform and which employee you want to migrate to another


Interchange the users between primary and secondary email providers as needed. This will reduce the license costs.

Choice of Service

Give some users the powerful features of Microsoft365 or Google Workspace while others utilize 10 Gb Mailbox for basic email service.


Hybrid Email Hosting will work with most email systems, including your existing cloud services.