Google Workspace Password Reset


There are many reasons for which you want to reset your user’s account password in google workspace. It can a security reason or it can be due to lost password problem.

We at Deep Technologies have a simple and efficient solution for your problem. So Let’s follow the step by step tutorial for resetting a user’s password in google workspace

First of all let’s be clear about one thing that only google workspace admin can reset the password on any user. If you are an admin then go to the below link and login with your username and password.

Steps To Reset User’s Password – Google Workspace

Goto :

As you can see that there are multiple options / tools to work with google workspace, but to reset user’s password we need to select Users from Dashboard as shown in the screenshot.

When you choose the Users option from the first screen then after you will see a list of users that you created previously. Now you need to select the user (by clicking user’s name) for whom you want to reset password.


Then on the left side of the screen, you can see multiple options, from those options click on reset password.


Now you will see pop up with 2 toggle buttons.

1st one will Automatically generate a password and.

2nd will Ask for a password change at the next sign-in attempt by your user.

Turn off both if you want to create your custom password (choose a strong password).

Enter your new password and press RESET as shown in the screenshot.

Your password has been changed, copy the password and share it with your user.

These are some basic steps which you can follow to change your user’s password in google workspace easily.

If you still need any help regarding this issue then you can contact Deep Technologies. We are google’s authorized partner for google workspace.