Nearly 835 million websites have been built using WordPress up until now, almost 43% of the entire websites on the Internet. 

WordPress is the prominent CMS used by people across the World to build fully functioning websites in the most feasible manner possible. 

WordPress websites are scalable and handle the complexity of the backend without getting your head in trouble. 

WordPress is free to download. However, building a WordPress website includes myriads of components. 

This includes getting a domain and hosting, themes, plugins, and security features. Consider it an investment one should make for the growth, better reach, and enhancement of their business. 

This blog will offer insights into WordPress development costs in India. 

Let’s get started. 

Cost of Setting up a WordPress Website

WordPress is the most versatile content management system that allows you to host and build websites from scratch. 

It has the easiest functionality allowing individuals to develop their website using the resources. 

The cost of setting up a WordPress Website depends on whether you are building it on your own or with the help of an agency.

WordPress lays the groundwork for easy and efficient web development. 

The WordPress development cost in India lies between INR 3,400 to INR 2,00,000. 

Sometimes, it costs more depending on the functionality and purpose you are aiming for.

Self Cost

It depends on the budget you have allocated to your website. 

You can start a WordPress website for as little as INR 3,400 depending on multiple factors like themes, security, plugins, and hosting plans chosen by you. 

Freelancers Cost

How much freelancers charge for WordPress website development in India is unclear. Most people are unaware of it, but here is a quote for reference. 

Per the results, freelancers charge between INR 6000 and INR 15,000 for basic over-the-top website maintenance services. 

However, this does not mean your website should be maintained within this budget. 

Instead, you will get good quality service if you hire a freelancer specializing in WordPress web design and development. 

The price depends on the kind of service and project you are hiring for.

Agency Cost

Hiring an agency to get your WordPress site ready and running could be smart. 

Agencies have expert developers who know how to get the best work done. 

An agency in India charges anywhere between INR 25,000 to INR 1,50,000 and more to develop a WordPress website. 

Components required to build a WordPress Website at a cost

Domain Name

It would be best if you registered a domain name for your website. A domain name is your website’s name associated with the physical IP address on the Internet. 

It is your unique online identity, and no 2 websites can have the same domain name. 

The average domain name for a website costs around INR 899 per year. 

Web Hosting

Hosting services offer individuals and organizations the storage and computing resources to maintain and accommodate websites and related services. 

Web hosting services can be shared or fully managed. Between these two, there are various WordPress hosting plans with additional customer support and services, making it suitable for everyone with varying needs to get a hosting plan of their choice. 

The web hosting price in India is between INR 69 and INR 25,999 per month. The price depends on the hosting services you choose for yourself. 

Hosting services could be shared, dedicated, VPS web hosting, cloud web, and WordPress based. 

Different hosting companies offer other hosting plans. WordPress hosting lies between INR 99 and INR 249 per month. 

Extensions and Add-ons

The extensions on WordPress allow you to add different features to your eCommerce websites. 

There are nearly 59,000 extensions available for free on WordPress. The paid add-on extensions are also available, and the prices vary between INR 1,425 and INR 22,500. 

For additional special needs, you can get an extension created by developers. The cost varies from developer to developer, and the effort required to develop an extension. 


Free theme templates are available on WordPress. Themes add functionality, quality, and security to your website. 

Premium themes are available with additional features. They cost more, however, worthy of the website’s functionality. 

The cost of WordPress themes varies vividly. However, on average a theme costs around INR 5,000. 


Plugins on the WordPress site help you build SEO websites without a code, add premium security features, create forms, buttons, contact forms, and much more. 

Not all WordPress costs money. There are more than 58,000 ready-to-download free plugins available on WordPress. 

However, paid plugins to vary between INR 2,000 and INR 25,000 depending on the features required by the users.

Website Security and Protection

SSL certificates are important for website security and protection. 

Depending on the different levels of security, the price of SSL certificates ranges between INR 657 and INR 11,674 per year. 

Domain protection offers site owners control over the data and adds protection against data theft and spamming. The domain protection price, on average, is INR 799 per year. 

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