How does online order management system enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction


In this digital ECommerce world, an order management system offers ease in managing the life cycle of an order. Simply put, it keeps a traceable and presentable record of everything, from service requests to appointments and after-service interactions. It is a powerful tool to establish coordination across various departments and maintain an organisation’s seamless flow of service requests. 

A custom order management system is perfect for increasing business productivity if you are a service-oriented online company. Want to know how? 

Let’s get started. 

Key Features of an Online Order Management System

Before you set out and purchase an online order management system, here are the features you should be looking for.

  • Service Request Management

Custom-built OMS allows you to manage multiple service requests at a time, understanding the unique request nature of each. From the customer POV, customer can place their service request with specific requirements on the portal. They can easily access the essential data to understand the scope and nature of their demanded service. 

  • Order Assignment

Assign part of orders to third-party service providers and track its progress through OMS.  Service providers who rely on other service providers to fulfil a part of their offerings can easily assign, track, and reassign tasks through a well-built OMS system. 

  • Order Fulfillment and Tracking

A well-built system that navigates the flow of services in an easy-to-understand manner. Customers can take one look at their service order and check every detail.

A unique order ID is assigned to place an order, enabling the customer representatives to easily track and resolve the queries. 

  • Automation

The service fulfilment process is a lengthy one. It is impossible to manually maintain service request details and processes for each one. An efficient OMS will do everything, right from creating a service request to assigning tasks, generating unique quotes, managing quality, and offering detailed analytics to determine the growth of your business. 

The service delivery process for each firm is varied. Depending on the nature of your business, a custom OMS is built such that each task flows seamlessly from one stage to another with minimum human intervention. 

  • Re-request

Sometimes, the quality of services might not feel satisfactory. In such cases, extending existing service requests by reassigning the tasks and requesting corrective changes is easy. Depending on the way your unique service processes flow, this feature of OMS can be built. 

  • Marketing and CRM Integration

The OMS system must integrate marketing tools and CRM to create an enhanced personalized experience for the customers.

When you have all the service request data handy, you can use it resourcefully to design customized marketing messages timely. 

  • Reporting and Financial Data

An OMS must seamlessly integrate with existing financial tools and accounting software to help you analyze the health of your business. 

All in all, an OMS must solve complex tasks of service order management by making it simple for you and your customers. It has to be custom-built for your unique services and process. With core functionalities and easy scalability options- your business can benefit greatly from a custom-built OMS. 

How Does OMS System Help Enhance Business Productivity? 

Fulfilling an order is extremely difficult when you run an online service store receiving hundreds of orders daily. An OMS factors in to make everyday tasks easier for you and overall increase your business productivity.  

Let us look at different ways in which an OMS helps boost business productivity. 

  • OMS automates the order processing workflow, removing any chances of manual error. It fulfils the service request without much requirement of manual intervention, helping you save time.
  • It pumps efficiency into the order fulfilment process. A custom-built OMS has defined processes that intuitively assign workflow to each service request in their required direction.  
  • An OMS system automatically assigns the common service requests to third-party providers once the quote has been accepted and finalized. It automatically asks for a new quote for unique service requests before finalizing the flow further. 
  • Instant access to service status helps businesses address delays or gaps affecting customer satisfaction. OMS helps in optimizing the service delivery process and achieve a faster order fulfilment rate, leading to business productivity. 
  • OMS automates repetitive tasks. Like generating quotes, ensuring the service processes through different life cycle stages of a service, etc., contributing to business productivity. 
  • OMS generates valuable data and analytics for businesses. The data can help you make informed decisions, eventually leading to increased productivity. 

All in all, OMS automates and streamlines operations, which are otherwise prone to errors, thereby increasing the productivity of businesses. 

How Can OMS Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

Wondering how will an OMS increase customer satisfaction? Let’s figure it out.

  • OMS streamlines the order fulfilment process so customers can avail of their services on time without hassle. 
  • OMS offers customers a real-time tracking option. It helps the customers to monitor their service status and delivery, allowing them to feel more in control. This transparent process leads to customer satisfaction. 
  • An effective OMS system allows customers to raise complaints if they feel unsatisfied with service quality. A business can effectively reassign the services to concerned stakeholders and work towards customer satisfaction. 
  • A well-implemented OMS empowers customer representatives to offer adequate and timely support to the customers. Quick and effective customer support will lead to happy customers and increased satisfaction.

All in all, having a well-integrated OMS makes the overall experience of availing services pleasant for the customer. The pleasant customers will keep coming back creating a strong customer base.

Flexibility of Online Order Management Systems

Flexibility is at the core of online OMS. An OMS solves the complex tasks of service fulfilment by making the process simple for both, businesses and customers. A flexible OMS system can integrate seamlessly with other productivity tools allowing you to offer an enhanced customer experience. 

Cost of Implementing an OMS

Wondering how much it costs to implement a custom online order management system? Well, the answer is distinctively varied. 

Unlike product-based OMS systems that mostly offer the same functionalities, custom-built OMS are built to cater unique service designs of a firm. 

The cost of building an OMS varies depending on the complexity of the project and the time taken to complete the project. Most web agencies will charge you for billable hours by determining the time taken to complete each stage. 

To understand the workflow, a thorough discussion takes place to understand the requirements for OMS. Some needs are relatively simpler than others. If the complexity is high, agencies will charge higher to install that functionality into the system.m 

After discussion, the web agency creates a wireframe to finalize things. Once the wireframe is approved, the database is created. Detailed coding is undertaken afterward and runs through various tests before finally launching the OMS. 

From a few thousand bucks to lakhs, the cost of OMS can only be determined after understanding your requirements. 


Overall, an OMS is crucial for any business that wishes to thrive in an online world. It’s simple, intuitive, and resourceful helping you establish a relevant service model online.

Too complex right? Nothing that you need to worry about. Contact us at DeepIT and we will walk you through the entire process of creating a custom-built OMS for your business.

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