Google Workspace pricing and apps in India


The productivity and collaboration suite of Google Workspace has made managing tasks easier for every organization.

Although various productivity suites are available in the market, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 hold the majority stake.

The versatility and dynamic nature of Google’s communication and collaboration apps keep the brand ahead of its competitors.

Here, we discuss the Google Workspace pricing in India and everything you need to know. 


What is Google Workspace? 

As mentioned in the introduction, it is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools, cloud computing, software, and products developed and marketed by Google.

From Emails to docs, sheets, Spreadsheets, and Google Meets. Google Workspace offers a comprehensive plan allowing the teams to work, edit and store together.

While most of these services are free, the enterprise features of Google Workspace compel the company to choose from their varying plans. Google Workspace costs are divided based on their plans.

As of 2020, more than 6 million businesses were paying for Google Workspace plans. This talks about the generous market share captured by the company. 


Differences between Google Workspace editions

The different Google Workspace editions are aimed to satisfy the needs of varying organizations depending on their size.

There are 4 different editions, and we shall also learn about Google Workspace pricing in India here. 


Google Business Starter

This is the perfect plan for enterprises starting and having a range of employees of less than 300.

It offers custom and secure business email, 30 GB cloud storage per user, security and management controls, and supports up to 100 members in team video meetings.

You get unlimited access to collaborative content creation tools of Google. 

The standard Google support is available on this plan. In India, this plan price is Rs 125 per user per month


Google Business Standard

With enhanced and advanced features, the Google Business Standard plan offers every user 2 TB of cloud storage and allows up to 150 participants in video team meetings.

However, unlike the starter plan, you get to record the meetings.

Additionally, it allows you to access 1st party data through cloud search.

You get 300 users under the Google Business standard plan, and its pricing is Rs 672 per user per month


Google Business Plus Plan

In addition to custom secure emails, the business plan offers e-discovery and retention.

Additionally, Google Meet for up to 500 participants is possible, along with recording and attendance tracking on the meet.

The business plan offers 5 TB of cloud storage per user and enhanced security management controls, including vault and advanced endpoint management.

Again, the plan offers standard support. However, you get to upgrade it to premium for an additional price.

Business plus pricing in India stands at Rs 1260 per user per month.


Google Enterprise plan

This plan is suitable for organizations with more than 300 employees.

In addition to the Email services of the Business Plus plan, you get S/MIME encryption in the Enterprise plan.

You get unlimited storage, 500 participants in video meeting recordings, noise cancellation, and in-domain live streaming.

Advanced security features include vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management.

The plan offers enhanced support. However, you can upgrade to premium support for a price.

The cost of Google Workspace enterprise plans depends on the customized plan and isn’t variable. 

Now that we have covered Google Workspace pricing in India let’s talk about yearly pricing.

There is no distinction between the monthly and yearly pricing in terms of pricing advantage.

However, check for Google Workspace reseller pricing. Various companies offer reseller pricing, allowing you to purchase Workspace plans at cheaper rates.


Google Workspace Pricing Table

Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise
₹125 INR / user / month ₹672 INR / user / month ₹1260 INR / user / month Contact sales for pricing
Custom and secure business email Custom and secure business email Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption
100 participant video meetings 150 participant video meetings + recording 500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking 500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming
30 GB cloud storage per user 2 TB cloud storage per user 5 TB cloud storage per user As much storage as you need**
Security and management controls Security and management controls Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management Advanced security, management and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions and enterprise endpoint management
Standard support Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support) Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support) Enhanced support (paid upgrade to Premium Support)


Cost of setting up and migrating to Google Workspace

To set up Google Workspace, go to Google Domain and purchase the domain name. Once registered, you get an option to select and set up Google Workspace accounts on the domain.

By doing so, you can avoid the configuration steps otherwise required to do manually. 

You can also work with the Google Workspace partner to help set up your Google Workspace.

They help you transition to Google Workspace and offer training, data management, and ongoing support. 

Regarding migration, you can easily migrate your data from Microsoft 365/Office 365, Zoho, or any other email service provider.

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FAQs for Google Workspace

Is Google Workspace free in India?

You can avail yourself of a 14-day free trial of your desired Workspace plan before you pay for one.

Does Google Workspace cost money?

Availing of Google Workspace costs money, depending on the plan you choose. There are 4 prominent business plans to choose from apart from varying other plans. You may get a discount if you purchase from us.

Is Google Workspace free forever?

No, Google Workspace offers only a 14-day free trial period. After that, you need to pay for your desired plans and services. 

Can I pay for a full year of Google Workspace upfront rather than monthly?

Yes, you can do that. However, the pricing remains consistent whether you pay monthly or annually. 

How many aliases can each user manage?

You can add up to 30 email aliases for each email at Google Workspace for no additional cost.

Is a domain charge included as part of Google Workspace?

No, the cost of the domain is separate from your Google Workspace pricing.

Can I add multiple domains in Google Workspace?


Can I use the Outlook desktop client with Google Workspace?



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