End of Google workspace legacy of free service. People are now searching for the best Google Workspace Alternatives. Google workspace is Google’s latest productivity toolkit. It conveys all our favored G suite tools – Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Meet, Slides, Forms, Keep, Currents, Sites, and Sheets – even closer concurrently under a tidy, clean, and multicolored umbrella. To comprehend what’s modified, we can look at the G Suite’s past. It’s an upgrade, and it’s G Suite; rebranded, reloaded, and re-streamlined for your production requirements.

What is a google workspace account?

Google Workspace Account is a group of collaboration and communication applications made for associations. The main Google Workspace communication applications, such as Google Meet and Gmail, are broadly utilized worldwide, and the collaboration applications, such as Sheets, Google Docs, Forms, and Slides. The collaboration applications have been made from the start to permit numerous people to edit a spreadsheet, document, or presentation simultaneously.

What happened to google workspace?

Google recently revealed that if you have the G Suite legacy free edition (the one they quit providing in December 2012), you must update to a paid Google Workspace subscription to hold your services. The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be open starting from May 1, 2022, when you will be moved to Google Workspace, and you’ll be capable of utilizing this at no price until July 1, 2022. 

Nevertheless, this conclusion has generated quite the backlash as users are effectively pushed to update a paid plan to resume using specific key benefits like Gmail. 

Google’s answer has been to provide an Essentials Beginner plan for Google Workspace, which people can utilize for free. The only point is that you can’t use Gmail here anymore, so people are effectively forced into transferring to a paid version.

Google workspace alternatives email services provider

All complimentary Google workspace users will be automatically updated to a paid version from May 1, 2022. If the organization doesn’t have your payment particulars, you are required to upgrade your account by July 1, 2022 — or encounter a shutdown.

G Suite’s free edition was an advantage for small-time website owners or bloggers who could only possess a domain name and utilize email (and additional services) for no price.

Now that dream is finishing, what are your choices? Well, we’ve covered up 2 of the most popular choices for you.

Microsoft 365

When you think about Google workspace alternative, probably the first name that came into your mind is Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office 365, previously known as Microsoft Office 365, is a popular choice among businesses looking to either replace Google workspace or want to purchase a new email solution.

Microsoft 365 provides a likewise wide, enterprise-management agreeable set of communication and collaboration tools. Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Excel, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint remain common apps utilized in many associations.

The price of Microsoft 365 starts from 1,500 per user per year, With this plan, you can access almost all Microsoft apps and tools through the internet but if you also want to use office apps offline then the pricing starts from 7,920 per user per year. Whichever plan you choose, Microsoft will give you 50 GB of mail storage and a huge 1 TB of OneDrive cloud  storage


If you’re seeking something complimentary, Zoho’s email usefulness is the nearest you can get. It provides email hosting for a single domain name for no price but arrives with 5 GB per user and 25 MB attachment restrictions. Zoho’s paid email versions begin from as minimum as 700 per user per year with 5 GB storage and if you want more storage then Zoho also offers 10 GB storage per user and up to 250 MB huge attachment limit of 900 per user per year. Zoho also provides more storage options with more features with its higher plans.

Apart from the storage plan, Zoho is the closest competitor of Google Workspace when you compare productivity and collaboration tools provided by both services. 

Zoho almost has all alternative productivity and collaboration tools for each google workspace application, If you decide to go with Zoho you can replace Google workplace applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Meet with Zoho’s Mail, WorkDrive, Writer, Sheet, Show, Zoho Calendar, Cliq, and Zoho Meetings.

Zoho Mail also provides easy options to migrate data from Google Workspace accounts. Mail, Contacts, and Calendar can be migrated from the respective Google Workspace accounts to Zoho Mail.

Google workspace pricing in India

Google workspace provides four major plans but here we will cover 2 of the common Google workspace plans: First is  Business Starter, which demands 1,500 per user per year for 1st 20 users and arrives with 30 GB of Google Drive storage that also include mail storage and after 1 year finishes renewal will cost you 2,520 per user per year for all active users.

Second is Business Standard, which requires 8,064 per user per year for 1st 20 users and offers 2 TB  storage and extra protection and admin authorities after 1 year finishes renewal will cost you 10,080 per user per year for all active users.

Small, medium and large businesses will benefit from all three productivity solutions we’ve covered above. Which one you select is highly determined by your organization’s needs.

You can find out more details in comparison table here.

Google WorkspaceMicrosoft 365Zoho Workplace
Plan NameBusiness StarterBusiness BasicStandard Plan
Stating Price₹125 per month per user & renew at ₹210₹125 per month, per user₹99 per user, per month
Mail Storage30 GB50 GB30 GB
Cloud File Storage30 GB, Google Drive1 TB, OneDrive10 GB, WorkDrive
Email InterfaceGmailOutlookZoho Mail
Email Sending Limit Per Day200010000300
Email Attachment Max Size25 MB sending, 50 MB for recieving150 MB500 MB
Video ConferencingGoogle MeetMicrosoft TeamsZoho Meetings
Video Conferencing Max Members10030010
Word ProcessingGoogle DocsMicrosoft WordZoho Writer
SpreadsheetsGoogle SheetsMicrosoft ExcelZoho Sheet
PresentationsGoogle SlidesPowerPointZoho Show
Mobile App Versions
Multi Factor Security

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