Gmail rolls out Search Chips feature

Gmail rolls out Search Chips feature - Gmail has rolled out a new search feature that will come handy for those with overflowing mailboxes and search results that throw uploads of irrelevant emails. Gmail informed of this update called Search Chips in a post on GoogleBlog on Wednesday, saying that the new feature would help users sort and filter emails easily, and, more importantly, it would help them find what they are looking for much faster.


The GoogleBlog post quotes examples to elucidate the benefits of Search Tips functionality. It says, if a Gmail user could search for a colleague’s name and then further narrow down the search results by specifying search tips by attachment type, (like a spreadsheet, PDF, a text document, etc.) or by mentioning a specific timeframe within which the search results ought to fall. The Blog further states that Search Tips could also be used to filter out specific search results, like calendar invites, etc.


Here we share some important details regarding the Gmail Search Tips feature.


Who all will be able to use the Search Tips?


All end-users of Gmail.


Why would one use them?


Gmail users have complained of slow search process and vague search results and asked for a quicker and intuitive email search feature. GoogleBlog says that with the help of Search Tips one will be able to easily refine their search results and get specific search results faster and without having to go through tonnes of irrelevant results. The rollout will also enable the use of search operators, like "from:”.


How to get started?


From February 19, 2020, the Search Tips feature will be rolled out to all Gmail users within a time span of 15 days. All Gmail users will get access to it by default. While searching in Gmail, users can refine their searches further by clicking on the search filter chips below the search box.


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