Google Free Legacy Account will be Paid in a Few Months

Google Free Legacy Account will be Paid in a Few Months

Almost all companies on the Internet initially offer free services to their users who are accustomed to the service and then slowly start paying for the same service. For years, such a feminine model on the Internet has been an effective business model for many startups. Even companies like Google and Microsoft have offered this model for years. Because of its large size, Google provides a much more extensive range of free services than any other company (perhaps that’s why Google has grown so much).

Google Workspace Services

If you have been using Google’s various services for business for a long time, you may know that Google was offering its services under the name G Suite, and it has now been renamed Google Workspace. Under this service, we can use Google’s Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, etc., services within our business domain.

Legacy Free Edition of G Suite

Years ago, Google offered people a completely free way to use such a service with their own business or personal domain. Because of this, if you have a personal Google account like, you will get a total of 15 GB of free space as per the current status. But if you have connected your business domain with G Suit, you can create various Google accounts like or, or Each of them gets 30 GB of space. These are considered Google accounts and can take advantage of various Google services.

About Google Legacy Account

All this was free at once, and Google then stopped offering such free services and introduced paid plans. But at the time, the company continued to generously provide free services to people using Google’s free service under its own business or personal domain.

Google’s Free Legacy Account Update

Google has been bombing people for a long time now. 

Google has been shutting down the free service since June 1, 2022. By taking advantage of this service, known as Legacy Free Accounts. Small and large businesses or families will have to pay per user and transfer their accounts to paid plans in the Google workspace.

Whom Google’s Free Legacy Account Update Affect?

People don’t mind this change as paid plans from Google Workspace are relatively cheap. But for those who used a service like Gmail or Google Drive on their domain only for personal use, this change has caused great embarrassment.

Google has not given such people an easy way to turn their data into Google’s free account, and even things people have purchased from Google’s legacy account cannot be turned into a free personal plan. So people are likely to go for Google’s paid plan.

Due to this, there is a possibility that another case will be filed against Google. The argument in such a case is that Google cannot back down after promising a Lifetime Free Service. Google has also realized that converting a free legacy account into a paid plan can be daunting. Therefore, it would not be surprising to find a middle ground by the June 1, 2022 deadline.

Are you planning to migrate?

When there is a shortage of time, we will help you migrate the data from google workspace to other email service providers, or if you don’t want to leave google suite services, we can help you with your billing.

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