Email hosting services for small business


Although millions of free email providers are free, opting for their services may leave your email address look unprofessional. Instead, choosing a reliable hosting partner is way more beneficial. 

This article will discuss email hosting services and everything related to it. 

What is email hosting? 

Email hosting is a digital hosting service that operates and rents out hosting servers to the users. 

In simple words, it is an advanced way of managing business commutations. Opting for it helps to keep your web address secure. 

What are email hosting services? 

The online hosting services that involve the hosting providers to rent out hosting servers to the users are known as email hosting services. 

According to the experts, it is essential to avail of email hosting services from a professional host to control the email domain naming conventions you can use completely. 

How does email hosting work? 

The main motive of email hosting is to keep your email data safe and secure. They protect your email messages and associated files by storing them on a server. 

Whenever you receive an email on your domain address, it gets routed over the internet and is finally stored in the recipient server. Meanwhile, the server administrator checks the originality of the email. It replies to or ignores the email by determining spam filters and re-routing requests. The email is dismissed if the sender lies among the blocked individuals or organizations. 

Well, it’s both profitable and beneficial if you avail of the email hosting services from the same web host provider. But it’s excellent even if you don’t. 

How can I do email hosting for multiple domains? 

Well, email hosting for multiple domains is certainly possible, but you have to pay for each email address you add to the organization’s domain.

Choosing a reliable email hosting partner like Deep Technologies can help you achieve your hosting goals. 

Moreover, email hosting for multiple domains enables you to look after various businesses with separate domains under the same account. 

Email hosting vs. Web hosting 

Despite being the sides of the same coin, email hosting services and web hosting services are entirely different concepts. 

The service in which your email contents get stored in a secure server is known as email hosting. At the same time, the service that helps your website get settled digitally and makes it visible to the web browsers is known as web hosting. 

Email hosting vs. Email forwarding 

You can receive and send messages with email hosting services at a customized email address. However, with email forwarding, you can only direct an email sent to you to another email address. 

How much does email hosting cost? 

The cost of email hosting services differs from provider to provider. However, you can expect the prices to range between Rs. 360/- to Rs. 2500/- per user per year. 

You can also host your email servers, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. In addition, it won’t be as secure as the one provided by professional email hosts. 

How to change email hosting provider? 

You can change your email hosting provider anytime you want. First, sign up with your new host and set up your domain name there. Once done, create the same email address on the new server and point your domain name towards it. Then to send or receive emails using the new server, try to configure your email tool. Lastly, finish the process by clearing up your old server. 

The process needs some technical understanding of DNS. If you don’t know, don’t worry. We at Deep Technologies can help you to do this.

How to check the email hosting provider? 

You can quickly check on your email hosting provider with the help of On entering your email address and domain name on the search bar, this toolbox gives you all the necessary information regarding your email hosting provider. 

Moreover, it’s essential to know your email hosting provider as your sending limits greatly depend on it. 

Email hosting services are essential, especially for small businesses more prone to the horrors of the digital jungle. To ensure the well-being of your business, select a trusted service provider that remains fair to the customers, just like Deep Technologies does. Providing complete email hosting services to clients at highly competitive prices, Deep Technologies is one of the best service providers. 


Do I need hosting for email? 

Email hosting is entirely optional. You may or may not assist your website with the same. However, hosting emails keep them safe and make them accessible from anywhere.

Does web hosting include email? 

It depends on the service provider. Web hosting may or may not include email. You can avail of email hosting services from the same host with separate charges. 

Can I host my email domain? 

Yes, you can host your email domain. But keeping in mind the security issues, it is often not advised to host your email domain and seek professional help. 

Can I host my website and email separately? 

Yes, you can run them on two separate servers.

Can I change my email hosting company?

Yes, you can change your email hosting company any time you want. Moreover, you should switch to a better provider if it’s not meeting your expectations.

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