Difference Between WordPress & HTML5 Website

For big organization WordPress is better & for small organizations HTML5 is better than WordPress. HTML5 provides more security while WordPress provides less security. HTML5 website load time is faster while WordPress website load time is slower compare to HTML5. HTML5 do not give admin panel while WordPress give powerful admin panel so that you can creates web pages yourself.


Features WordPress HTML5
Ideal for Number of Webpages More than 100
Best for frequent update
Less than 100
Best for less update
Web Hosting Cost $100 / Year
Requires more resources
$60 /Year
Requires a few resources
Webpage load speed Average speed
It is loading many unwanted components with theme
Fast speed
It is loading only required components
Security Average Secure
More vulnerability in WP & plugins
More Secure
Low vulnerability in plugins
AMC required $60/Year minimum AMC Required
WP Update frequently
AMC - Optional
Core tech no update
Sitelock.com $60/Year minimum Most recommended Just recommended
Website Backup $60/Year minimum Most recommended Just recommended
Content Management System (CMS) Yes
Powerful Admin Panel – you can create webpage yourself
No Admin Panel
News/Media Included Rs.9,000
MySql Database Required Not required
MySql Error Website Not Work Work Fine