Conducting a business in today’s time requires you to put your customer on the top. There is no alternative to it. If you cannot effectively derive strategies that can ensure a seamless customer/user experience then you need to reconsider aspects of your business, management, and processes. Since businesses these days aren’t merely offline but digital and semi-digital as well, business processes have become a bit complex. Offering ease and convenience in such complexities are Customized Order Management Systems that ensure customized functionality. 

This article is focused on educating you towards the intricate details of Customized Order Management Systems, their benefits and why is it important for your business. 

What is an Customized Order Management System – OMS ? 

A Customized Order Management System is an organizing system that would consolidate and present all your sales orders in one place. And that place is a piece of software usually cloud-based. An entire cycle, right from receiving an order to fulfilling that order wherein a customer receives the product/service is part of the Order Management. Moreover, in recent times even the returns are part of order management. In short, every aspect of order till the particular query isn’t closed is included in the spectrum of Customized Order Management Systems. 

Now, whether you are a small business dealing in multiple products or with multiple clients or a multinational company with varying stages of operation, a highly functional and flexible OMS is quintessential for you. 

With thousands of OMS systems available in the market, each claiming to be the best, we understand the level of confusion for you. What you require is a dynamic OMS that adapts to your business needs and functionalities. And these are the fundamentals one should look at while making a choice of an Customized Order Management System. 

1 Automation. 

An OMS should eliminate the need for human intervention and manual entries at the minimum. 

2 Integrated platform. 

The OMS should allow order integration from multiple platforms. Moreover, it should facilitate integrating, accounting, shipping, customer service software at one place. 

3 Inventory management

Since orders can be fueled from multiple channels, a dynamic OMS should promise the functionality of Inventory management. It should automatically sync inventories based on orders received and should alert you when the SKU reaches the minimum threshold. 

4 Detailed directory.

A cloud-based OMS should compile customer data, order histories, and queries in one place for ease of addressing. 

5 Centralized customer service.

Right from when the order is placed by the customer to tracking their shipment, initiating returns, and settlement of accounts, the OMS you select must support diversified activities to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction. 

In synopsis, the ideal OMS should be your one-stop for the management of orders, inventory, fulfillment, and returns.

Moving further, why should you adopt a Customized Order Management System? Does its benefit outweigh the cost it incurs? 

The most simple answer to this would be a huge YES. Yet, here we have a list of benefits that would allow you to make an informed choice for yourself. 

Seamless Order Management. 

Fulfilling orders of customers residing in 30 different countries with a product portfolio of 100+ products might seem too much of a task. And it really is until you get your hands on an Customized Order Management System.
Now, don’t take it that your small business working in the B2B model won’t require an OMS. 

An OMS would make the entire task of order receiving and fulfillment a seamless process. Not only would you be relieved with timely and data-driven insights, but your customer would also be more satisfied than ever. The answer to every aspect of the order lies in the efficacy of your Customized Order Management System. 

An OMS would ensure that the perceived expectation of customers in the form of buying experience would be fulfilled. 

Increased accuracy.

Since everything is automated there is no room for errors. You would be informed priorly before the stock runs out, in many cases the order would be placed automatically when the SKU reaches a predetermined level. 

Customers can trace the entire order fulfillment process right at their fingertips. Departments of order fulfillment like inventory, packaging, shipping, returns, etc would be streamlined, leaving no room for errors. 

All in all, with increased accuracy your customer isn’t going to leave the table unhappy.

Reduced costs and increased productivity.

With reduced manual work, you would require less manpower and resources. Moreover, since a lot of your time would be saved from managing backends, you could spend more time improvising the core of your business processes. Hence, increased productivity. 

Summing up, the appropriate OMS could be your best investment to streamline the order processes. Whether you are a large-scale company or a small business, OMS is meant to increase efficiency in your business. It’s time you make a decision that’s worthy of your business growth.