Is a WordPress Website Expensive in India? Here’s What You Need to Know

  In India’s digital battlefield, where websites are the weapons of choice, forget a mere online presence. Dominate the competition and claim your digital throne with WordPress Mastery. We’ll transform your website from a passive brochure gathering virtual dust into a strategic powerhouse that conquers search engines and captures a loyal following. Imagine your website […]

Improving a website to enhance its elegance and user-friendliness

  Improving a website to enhance its elegance and user-friendliness involves a mix of good design principles, user experience (UX) considerations, and technical optimizations. Here are several strategies you can employ: 1. Focus on Simplicity 2. Optimize for Mobile 3. Improve Loading Times 4. Enhance Readability 5. Incorporate High-Quality Images and Videos 6. Ensure Accessibility […]

How much does WordPress website development cost in India?

all about How much does WordPress website development cost in India

  Nearly 835 million websites have been built using WordPress up until now, almost 43% of the entire websites on the Internet.  WordPress is the prominent CMS used by people across the World to build fully functioning websites in the most feasible manner possible.  WordPress websites are scalable and handle the complexity of the backend […]

WordPress Website Development Cost in India

WordPress Website Development Cost in India - Deep Technologies

  In this article, we will learn about WordPress website cost in India. What is WordPress? It is a simple Blog Platform for WordPress Startups. However, it soon evolved into a more feature-rich content management system. The software is written in PHP language. The entire website content, including settings, blog posts, and pages, is stored […]

WooCommerce for WordPress 101: All You Need To Know About It.

WooCommerce for WordPress 101: All You Need To Know About It.

  Starting a business online is not easy, as it includes many aspects which need to be dealt with. But if you want to start your business online, a reliable and famous e-commerce platform like WooCommerce is an excellent place to start. However, figuring out how to do it can be difficult, especially if you’re […]

9 ways to secure your WordPress website.

9 ways to secure your WordPress website.

Content online is truly consuming the World, one website at a time. Millions of websites go live every day, across the globe. And, if we look at the roots of these websites, we are likely to find that a large chunk of those is built on WordPress. Approximately, 40% of the websites across the web […]

Business Website – WordPress vs Static HTML Which one is Best?

WordPress vs Static HTML – What’s Best for Your Business Website?

Having a business website for your business has become as common as having a phone number. It is actually rare for an established or upcoming business to not have an online presence in the form of a website. If you are planning to build a website for your business, there are two options available to […]

Website Development Platform – WordPress The Best Option

  Nowadays WordPress is one of the most useful website development platforms used by many businesses. In the presence of its existence, the blogging software has become an essential part of WordPress, which is around 25% of all websites. This gives you the incredible technical support to customize a website that is most suitable for […]

6 Tips For Reducing Webpage Load Times

  Long webpage load times aren’t just frustrating, they’re also bad for your online business. Users are more likely to navigate away from sites that take a long time to load. In addition, there is a slight SEO advantage to having a fast site. In some cases, sites have seen significant increases or decreases in organic search […]

WordPress Web Development Services at Deepit

  Word press is a powerful semantic publishing platform where millions of websites are created by People. It started in 2003 as a typography of everyday writing. After that it became the self-hosted blogging tool which became very famous. Millions of sites were seen by millions of people every day. Word press is open source project on […]