We are living in the Digital World. Everything here is driven by tech and digitization is connecting the world into the close-knit. We have advanced to an extent that right while sitting in the Alpes you could avail the handcrafted product made in some remotest village. And how is this all possible? Exports? Of course. But is that all? No. It’s because of the E-commerce website.

Boost sales with an E-Commerce website


Over the past few years, with easy accessibility of the Internet, we have seen a prolific increase in websites going live every day. Every day, nearly 5 lakh websites are going live across the globe. While the purpose of each website is different and not oriented towards sales, E-Commerce websites are primarily oriented towards that. E-Commerce websites are online stores that have made shopping a pleasant, 24*7 experience and as of 2020, there were nearly 24 million E-Commerce websites across the globe. Further, it is estimated that by 2040 nearly 95% of purchases would be made through an E-Commerce website. Now, aren’t these statistics persuasive enough to give yourself a check and understand that E-Commerce websites are the present and future of your business. 

While you are up for it, know that just because you have an E-Commerce website to yourself doesn’t mean that you are going to see a boost in sales. Certain parameters establish the users’ trust on the website, enabling them to make a purchase. It’s of paramount importance that users are offered a frictionless shopping experience through your E-Commerce website.

Here’s how an E-Commerce website can boost sales.

1 Easy Navigation

While your users are up at your store, they don’t want to waste hours finding a product of their choice. Add layers and hierarchy of categories to your lists allowing users to easily navigate through the product lists.

For instance, a fashion E-Commerce website categorizes their store starting with gender, thereafter into categories followed by subcategories and filters at each stage. 

When a user searches for a Black solid shirt they should be directed to a page displaying that product. 

Consider Myntra- with the layers of filters and sorting options available to users they are more likely to find their requisite product promptly, thereby having a pleasant shopping experience.

Users would convert their wishlists to purchases in a go. 

2 Reviews

Word of mouth works equally in the digital world if not more than the physical world. Your users cannot trust you just by the promises you made. They need your customers to validate that you are genuine and not the fraud cheating them on digital platforms. 

Incentivize your customers to write a review. Let those reviews be displayed on your website. Those genuine reviews would propel users to make a purchasing decision.

3 Test, implement, and improvise. 

No E-Commerce website is perfect from the first go. In fact, there would never be a time that your website would be perfect. You just have to keep on checking the bugs and make the processes as smooth and efficient as you could. From navigation to the product listing to payment processes to responsiveness, you need to ace every facet of an E-Commerce website to boost your overall sales. 

Just put yourself in the shoes of your targeted users and accordingly frame the website to empower them to make a purchase. 

Put this mantra on repeat “Test- Implement- Improvise”

4 Strategic Promotions

Be it offline or online, discounts and sales are always alluring. Find ways to streamline the sales, discounts, and coupons on your E-Commerce website. Reward them with better deals and lower prices to persuade them to purchase from you. 

Summing up, understand what your customer wants and offer them in a way they want it. And amidst all this, don’t miss on the most important criteria of all Safety and security. Building an E-Commerce website is in itself a precarious task. Maintaining and keeping it optimally functional is another task. Leave these complex tasks upon us while you focus on ways to boost your sales online with different digital marketing techniques. 

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