Best Google Workspace Alternative - Microsoft 365

Best Google Workspace Alternative – Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are amongst the leading suites used by corporates and business houses to perform everyday business tasks. But have you ever noticed that Microsoft 365 is the best Google Workspace Alternative?

From sending emails to managing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, these productivity tools help in multiple dimensions.

It further includes Video Conferencing, file management, and team collaboration tools to manage the work better. 

This article analyses if Microsoft 365 is the best Google Workspace Alternative.

To understand that, let’s differentiate these productivity suites on key points.  

Google Workspace (G Suite) Pricing

The pricing plans for Google are divided into four parts. 

These plans are differentiated based on Storage, User accounts, security features, search features, video calls, and app allowances features.

Business Starter: 125 per user per month, renewal at 210

Storage30 GB
User Accounts300 
Video Calls100

Business Standard: 672 per user per month, renewal at 840

Storage2 TB
User Accounts300
Video Calls150
Smart Search Tool

Business Plus: 1260 per user per month

Storage5 TB
User Accounts300
Video Calls500
Smart Search Tool

Extra Features 

VaultA tool to search and retain users’ data
Endpoint ManagementControl access to Google Workspace Features and data

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

User AccountsCustom for Plan
Video Calls500
Smart Search Tool

Extra Features

Vaulta tool to search and retain users’ data
Endpoint ManagementControl access to Google Workspace Features and data
Google Appsheet Tool: No Code Tool to build mobile and web appsNo Code Tool to build mobile and web apps

Microsoft 365 Pricing

Pricing for Microsoft 365 is quite simple because of the number of variants available.

Let’s focus on the pricing plans for small businesses and enterprises.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic125 Rs per user per month
Microsoft 365 Business Standard660 Rs per user per month
Microsoft 365 Business Premium1,585 Rs per user per month

Key Synopsis for Microsoft 365 Plans

  • The best value for Microsoft 365 plans could be availed only if purchased annually. The Business plans are quite costly if you opt to pay monthly, whereas no such option is available for Enterprise plans. 
  • All Business plans offer 1 TB storage, while Enterprise plans offer 5 TB storage. 
  • The limit of users for Microsoft Business plans is 300, and that for enterprise plans is unlimited. However, you can mix and match the license types depending on your need. 
  • Microsoft stream- video collaboration services are available for all enterprise plans.

That’s all about pricing features for this blog. 

Let’s move further and discuss the key features of both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. 

Microsoft 365 was previously famous as Office 365, and Google Workspace was G Suite. 

File Storage

Microsoft Business plans offer 1TB storage on all its plans. Whereas the Google Business starter plan provides only 30 GB of cloud storage. Now, Google standard and their Plus Plans offer 2 TB and 5 TB storage, respectively, which is more than other business plans of Microsoft. The enterprise plan in Microsoft provides 5 TB of storage which is generous and magnanimous in its capacity. 

You can buy additional storage capacity in your Microsoft plans, and you need to upgrade the plan to do so in Google Workspace. 

Email Storage

Microsoft offers additional 50 GB of email storage on top of 1 TB of cloud storage on all its plans. 

On the Contrary, Google Workspace offers cloud storage, including files and email storage. 

Email Apps

The default app provided by Microsoft 365 is Outlook, but that for Google Workspace is Gmail. Now, Gmail is robust, prompt, and easy. But it doesn’t allow you to group mail or sort. This is where Microsoft 365 makes a selling point. It offers a browser-based and desktop version of Outlook, allowing you to manage your emails flexibly. 

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Here’s where Microsoft’s alternative to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, steals the show. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for your Business and Enterprise

  • The functionality of Google apps is basic. Whereas the functionality of its desktop equivalents is quite phenomenal. 
  • There is no equivalent to Microsoft Stream- a video service tool that allows you to securely upload, view, and share videos. A speech recognition feature automatically transcribes the videos and makes them searchable using text queries. 
  • Microsoft Sway allows you to make stunning presentations with the help of Artificial intelligence and online content aggregation. 
  • Enterprise plans of Microsoft allow you to host online calls with up to 1000 participants and 20000 attendees. 
  • Office Media app allows you to view, edit and share Microsoft documents without switching simultaneously. 

There are ample benefits to Microsoft 365 compared to Google Workspace, given that people are already familiar with how it works. Microsoft 365 is power-packed with profound features, and indeed Microsoft 365, is the best Google Workspace Alternative. But what you choose depends on your needs. Google Workspace is pretty functional and supportive and works for a large proportion of the crowd.

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