The evolving times changed the way businesses used to work. Companies have grown exponentially in terms of geographic expansion or employee strength. Moreover, technological innovation and the need to manage teams have given rise to various problems, the solution of which lies within collaboration and productivity software suites. This blog brings you the best Google Workspace alternative, Zoho Workplace. 

Why is Zoho Workplace considered the best Google Workspace alternative?

Although Zoho is not a household name like Google, it’s important to understand that Google Workspace gained prominence because of its brand value. Undoubtedly, the productivity suite is packed with features that are hard to compete with other brands, but other suites in the market are good or even better than Google Workspace. Zoho Workplace has become a choice of productivity suite for various organizations across the globe. 

Let’s quickly glance at the features that Zoho Workplace has to offer and what makes it suitable for your organization? 

Zoho Workplace business apps are pretty comprehensive and address each of your product needs to the core. They fall under either of the three categories, which include: 

Office Productivity

Zoho Writer

This cloud-based suite lets you share documents, leave comments and track changes in your word processor in real-time. 

Zoho Sheet

This spreadsheet tool allows you to create automated workflows and charts within minutes. Using this tool, You can make data visualizations and run complex calculations. 

Zoho Show

This tool allows you to create highly interactive presentations with its power-packed features. 

Team Collaboration

Zoho WorkDrive

WorkDrive is an online content collaboration platform of Zoho. It allows you to manage and share files with a group of people and also individuals. You can also store these files in the cloud.

Zoho ShowTime

ShowTime is a digital training and education platform. It allows you to create interactive training presentations, share those across groups, and empower you to monitor learners’ progress. 

Zoho Meeting

The meeting is a web conferencing platform. You can host a webinar and conduct meetings. The app allows you to share screens and has a wide, comprehensive audio-visual capability. 

Unified Communication

Zoho Cliq

Cliq is an instant messaging platform. Through Cliq, you can create group chats and can contact individuals through audio and video calls. It’s a perfect platform for everyday team conversations. 

Zoho Connect 

It’s like an individual social Intranet. Employees can send files, discuss ideas, make announcements and share their issues. One can also create internal channels to conduct private conversations. 

Zoho Mail

The Email hosting service plan of Zoho offers 30 GB of storage per user and allows functionality like Email and folder sharing, Aliases for groups and domains, forwarding and routing, active sync, recalling sent emails, and others. Zoho Mail offers built-in functionality for tasks, notes, bookmarks, contact applications, and calendars. 

Zoho Security Features

The security aspects of Zoho are at par with Google Suite. It offers data encryption at rest and in transit for file storage, TLS encryption, two-factor authentication, and Email Encryption at rest. This ensures that your data is secure and safe while being transmitted digitally. 

Zoho Privacy Policies

Zoho has a clear, transparent policy regarding collecting and using the user’s data. Zoho claims to have never sold users’ information for advertising, while the privacy policy of Google is quite dubious. 

Zoho Technical Support

Zoho offers comprehensive support with its webinars, FAQs, self-service ticketing, and extensive user guides. However, Google wins the race here. 

Zoho Cost and Storage

There are multiple licensing plans offered by Zoho. Let’s get a brief understanding of each. 


Standard offers 30 GB Mail storage and 10 GB WorkDrive storage per user (Shared) at Rs 99/- per user monthly. 


Professional offers 100 GB Mail storage and 100 GB WorkDrive storage per user (Shared) at Rs 399/- per user monthly. 

Mail Only Plan

The mail-only plan offers monthly mail services at Rs 58.34/- per user. 

Towards the end, we can say that Zoho Workplace is the best Google Workspace alternative at par. If you have a detailed understanding of your needs, you can reap a great benefit by choosing Zoho Workplace.

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