Are You Using The Correct Social Media For Your Brand?

Are You Using The Correct Social Media For Your Brand?

Social Media was originally introduced for social interactions, it is now largely used for other purposes, business being one of them. Initially there were just one or two social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. But today, there are countless platforms especially customized for specific purposes. Like for photograph addicts Instagram is perfect. Individuals who wish to interact for business, LinkedIn will do the job and many more   Social Media is the new advertising medium, which is not just free but also accurate. There is not a single brand which does not have page on Facebook or an account Twitter. And why not? You can showcase your work, make announcements, announce upcoming products and interact with your audience. It is the best way to publicize your brand.


But why is it so important for brands to be on social platforms? And most importantly, which is the correct social media for your brand? Of course the smaller brands need publicity and advertising but what about the already established brands, why are they putting in constant efforts to be a part of the social wave. This is because of two huge reasons.   


ONE. People constantly interact on Social Media. This means brand visibility and awareness is obviously more. If big brands do not jump into this interactive sea of the internet, then they will be washed out by others.  


 TWO. Search Engines like Google give a better page rank to brands that are active on social media and constantly thrive to make their content and graphics better. And who doesn’t want to be ranked well on Google? Besides why mess with the God of the Internet. Now that we have established why you should be flashing your folio on a public site, let’s see which platforms are best suited for your business. Although, it is absolutely necessary to be on most social sites, you do not have to be constantly active on all of them. So, let’s find about which is the correct social media channel or your brand?   


Facebook   101.5 Million users are constantly active on Facebook. This makes India, the second largest Facebook using nation after the USA. This is bound to change as India might be at the No.1 position by the year 2017.   Brands who wish to increase brand visibility and maintain their online reputation, completely rely on Facebook for support. This platform allows you to make groups, start discussions, advertise, make pages, interact, and update photos, put up statuses and a lot more things. Although FB is losing its young users, 70% adults who have higher spending power are still inclined towards it.   It is perfect for B2C branding. 93% of the posts are photographs. 35% individuals like and share a page in order to get good discounts where as 35% like to participate in contests and win prizes. Facebook does not have a very high conversion rate, which is why it perfect for brand awareness and not sales.   


Twitter   Twitter is the best micro-blogging site that helps brands openly interact with their audience. Also businesses that provide maximum information through blogs and micro blogs find twitter to be responsive and highly effective. It also has a better conversion rate than Facebook. It works well for both B2B and B2C targeting. 50% of B2B have ranked twitter as the best social media marketing tool.   53% of businesses which are information based rely on twitter for online marketing. Communication and Information based businesses like Electronic Brands, Book Stores, Magazines, News Channels can progress through twitter.   


LinkedIn   LinkedIn was developed in 1999 but only recently got the publicity it deserves. Connecting professionals all over India, this site is a boon to Corporates. 65% B2B companies have acquired business through LinkedIn. 40% say they research on LinkedIn before purchasing gadgets or other technology. Recruiters and job-seekers can easily connect. So, if you are looking for the perfect employee or a better boss, LinkedIn is the place for you. 91% Marketers use LinkedIn in today’s time, simplifying professional expansion.   


Instagram   89% Instagram users are in the age group of 18-29 years. Businesses like Clothes, Accessories, Food, Architecture, Technology, Design, Restaurants should use Instagram. Although it is highly effective, Instagram requires a bit of patience as developing a fan base can take time. You might have to individually target users follow them and constantly interactive with them. Put up awesome pictures of your business and try attracting as much attention as you can   


Google+   Google+ users share, comment, updates statuses and pictures. Basically do everything Facebook can but on a Google network. The 1+ of a Google+ page is highly correlated to Google search engine ranking. Big brands like HP, HubSpot, Cisco are already using it for their social media campaigns. 68% of the users on Google+ are males. This means male oriented products like cars, gadgets, electronics, video games, etc can be marketed through this.   


Youtube   YouTube unlike other social sites is completely Video based. You can start your own channel for your brand and start putting up videos. The best way to use YouTube is by creating and uploading videos. They can be tutorials showing how to use your product, social messages, testimonials, professional’s opinion or anything that may increase awareness of your brand by providing knowledge to the user. 52% watching product videos makes them more confident about buying them. 57% say they are less likely to return items after watching the video.