9 Must Have Attributes of Ecommerce Mobile Applications

9 Must Have Attributes of Ecommerce Mobile Applications

In the present scenario, consumers making purchases via smartphones is the new normal. Hence, Ecommerce businesses are investing in mobile apps to enhance buyer experience and retain loyal customers. Let us put a glance what are the essential features of a highly functional e-Commerce mobile app


1. Ease of getting started


Make the registration process as simple as possible by keeping minimum possible mandatory information fields. Otherwise it may scare away your customers.  


2. Smooth and clear navigation


Online retail store catalogues generally list numerous products for sale. So it is of utmost important that users can view and access each one of them without much hassle. Moreover, ensure that the CTA statements like ‘Add to Cart’ and others stand out and can be reached with less finger tap. Communicate your concerns to developers effectively to get the things right at first place.  


3. Effective assimilation


Keep your app simple and intuitive for users to get accustomed to it faster. Cohesive user experience is important for generating more traffic to your site and higher conversion rate.  


4. Maximum payment options


Make it a point to include as many payment options as possible to prevent potential buyers’ from leaving the app just because they don’t find their preferred option. Having multiple options is very important for achieving desired sales.  


5. Visually appealing themes


Make your app attractive and interactive so that users remain glued to it. It is very important for user engagement and retention.  


6. Infinite product limit


Give your customers more options to choose from so that they don’t have to seek elsewhere. Ask your developers to code in such a way that the app supports this feature.  


7. Push notification service


This feature is indispensable for your app. You can inform your customers about new arrivals, seasonal sales, discount offers, etc. in a very customized manner. Ask your developers to integrate this feature with Analytics to derive maximum benefit out of it.  


8. Incorporate Google Analytics


Know your buyers better by observing their behaviour on your app. Let the data speak. By analyzing the analytics you can make informed business decisions.  


9. Privacy and security


Respect privacy of your users by giving them option to select the information they want to receive. Don’t just bombard them with fancy ads and redundant offers. Also keep their personal information secured and confidential. This would help you gain your customers’ trust and loyalty.   Investing in a mobile app is essential for e-Commerce businesses but getting the right features is of utmost importance to derive the best possible outcome. You can trust us with this responsibility for cost-effective and efficient mobile app development services.