local seo for business growth

5 Benefits of using Local SEO for your business growth

Local SEO isn’t an alternative to SEO

Table Of Contents

  1. Increase Visibility
  2. Increase Customers
  3. Improves Conversion Rate
  4. Helps Build Reputation
  5. Offers Competitive Edge

One doesn’t need to be a hardcore SEO practiser to gain the benefits of a digital presence. Of course, SEO is rewarding. But let’s be practical. Not everyone can afford to practice full-fledged SEO functions for their businesses.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization practices requires consideration of various aspects, starting from content curation to link building and web optimization and whatnot. It’s not an easy task and definitely not a one-time activity. If you are practicing SEO you need to ensure you stick to it and continue to make requisite changes, every now and then. 

However, rounding back to the point, SEO could definitely fuel your business to the desired output. But, if putting your head into SEO seems too much to you, Local SEO is here at your rescue. No, local SEO isn’t an alternative to SEO as a whole, but it is leveraged to improve the visibility of local searches. 

Let me simplify here. 

You are hungry and looking for restaurants. What would be more helpful, A list of Michelin-rated restaurants in New York or restaurants in your city, in your proximity? 

Of course, the second one, right? Well, this is what Local SEO does. 
It optimizes your online presence and helps you attract business from relevant local searches. That being said, it helps you rank your brick and mortar, physical location business, on the basis of 3 factors. 

  • Proximity
  • Relevance
  • Prominence

In short, Local SEO is focused on improving rankings for a localized area. If you have been doubting the effectiveness of local SEO practices, let us walk you through its proven benefits. 

Local SEO - Helps you increase visibility. 

When your business is optimized with Local SEO practices, you are bound to gain an increase in organic visibility. When your business is listed online and you have made use of suitable keywords, Google would show your listing whenever a relevant local search is made online.

Making use of relevant keywords isn’t a difficult task. You just need to focus on what defines you as a business and you would get hold of keywords that can increase your relevance in local business listings.

Increase in customers. 

It has been statistically derived that whenever a local search is made online, 84% of them would visit a store within a day. Besides, who would make a search like pizza shops near me on a busy Tuesday afternoon, if their intentions aren’t to grab a quick bite. 

Whenever a user makes a local search, their intention is hardly to get knowledge but to get hold of services or products. This is why, it is more important than ever to get your business, however small it may be, optimized with Local SEO. 

Improves the conversion rate of customers. 

Local SEO makes it easier for your users to connect with you directly. With all essential information accessible to them, they are more likely to avail your services. 

Let me simplify- 

What would you search for when looking for a restaurant? 

  • Best Chinese restaurants near me. 
  • Wok on Fire closing time. 
  • Pizza Hut contact number. 
  • Chinese restaurants open near me. 
  • Dominos reviews. 

When all such information is available within your online listing, users are more likely to get converted. 

Helps build a reputation by reviews. 

Word of mouth has always been the best advocate of any business. And with businesses making their mark digitally, reviews are gaining prominence. Any user today would check for online reviews before visiting a place, ordering a product, or availing of a service. 

Google My Business allows you to share review links to increase the prominence of your page. Now, it’s your part of the duty to ensure each of these reviews is answered to, especially the negative ones. Users are very peculiar about such detailings and so is Google. The more relevance you are to offer, the higher you are to rank in search engines. All in all, your brand reputation is only going to be enhanced. 

Offers a competitive edge. 

Local SEO would offer you a competitive edge against your competitors. Optimize the information across all the pages and make sure you update the information regularly, so as to remain relevant. 

Conclusively, when you answer the question, “What this business is” efficiently, you are bound to show on the top of the search engine. We do understand, Local SEO may seem complicated to you. Well, leave the task of helping you with Local SEO upon us. Ours is a Local SEO company aimed to help you with Local SEO practices.

At DEEP Technologies, we are Local SEO experts who have years of experience helping companies build their digital presence online. Not only have the visibility of our clients increased over time, but they are also reaping benefits of improved customer base and profitability thereby.