10 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Website

1. Responsive website can give big advantage With the world going mobile, more than 40% of your visitors are visiting your website through mobile or smartphones. You must go for a responsive website so that you do not miss on any visitor. You will have to make sure that your website is accessible and functional on any device. Be it smartphones, tablets or desktop your site should run on any and every device.     


2. Link Internally for better result Work on a proper internal linking structure so that all the inner pages of your website are properly visible to your visitors. Always tap on the opportunities where you can add internal links in your content.       


3.Be Attentive on On-Page SEO Plan SEO strategy for On-page optimization. Make sure that all the tags, keywords and meta description is placed properly there. Try to target long-tailed keywords as it can fetch you more web traffic. By targeting long-tail keywords you can make yourself visible to majority of web searches all over the world.     


4. Identify your data with Google anlytics Track all your website performance information through Google Analytics. This is the important part to have look on how you are performing. . You can check which posts or web pages are get visited maximum number of times and can plan accordingly. Proper utilization of this tool will lead to driving maximum traffic towards your website.     


5. Go for Referral Traffic Instead of going after other website for getting links, try to do create your own strategy to make linked directly with you. Create such amazing and trustworthy content that you will get request from others for getting links from your site. Get the maximum referral traffic from the links you will send to others. This referral traffic will lead to get more customers to your website.   


6. Advertise it well The first and foremost thing for any business is to advertise its website through various means. Whether you are going for paid search, social media advertising or display advertising, make sure that you reach your customers without fail. Choose your medium of advertisement wisely as you are not looking for traffic only but business too.     


7. Connect Social Become active on various social networking platforms. Just creating a good content is not good enough, you have to make sure that people do read it. Rely on social media channels for straight promotion of your content. Use various sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ,Pinterest Instagram etc.depending on the content and target audience. Right use of social media platform can help you gain more traffic.     


8. Get Connected with LinkedIn The world’s largest professional social network has also become a publishing platform for all business websites now. You can post various content about your products, services, new launches and promote them on this widely followed website. You will surely raise traffic to your site along with increasing your industry profile by being active on LinkedIn.     


9.Choose Striky Headlines to get pick visitors Even the best content with the most comprehensive information within it will go unread if it lacks a proper Tagline or headline. A compelling and interesting headline is necessary for your content in order to encourage readers to go through your content. You need to write proper headlines for all your content so that it generates greater traffic for your website.     


10. Don't forget Email Marketing You can use Email marketing as an important tool for your website promotion. Use emails to reach out to your actual and potential customers so that they are aware about your products and services. There are so many email marketing tools to manage your campaigns like mail chimp ,active campaign etc. It always helps to get in touch with your existing & new customers.