Top Reasons Why To Choose Magento For E-Commerce Development

Top Reasons Why To Choose Magento For E-Commerce Development

Magento is one of the popular e-commerce platforms. Owners of an e-commerce site are hiring the services of developers of the best Magneto Development Companies. They help website owners, provide effective solutions. Site owners use Magento to create a user-friendly website. Here are some important reasons for choosing Magento to design an e-commerce website.

1. An Open-Source Platform
Magento is an open-source platform available in free, enterprise and host-like editions. Developers use the free version primarily to develop e-commerce websites. Due to its attractive features, Magento developers design websites that are good for business. The updated versions are also accessible to website owners, and they do not have to pay anything for it.

2. Particularly For e-Commerce
Unlike WordPress, Shopify and other relevant CMS platforms, Magneto was specially created for e-Commerce platform.
The most basic features of an e-Commerce have included Inventory management, supplier management, advanced shipping as well as user dashboard. Magento even allows e-commerce solution with payment gateways, bundling of products, SEO Friendly URL’s, Customized modules and plug-ins, newsletters.
Designed specifically for e-Commerce, Magento has been designed to make the user experience better than ever.

3. Mobile Optimization
Magneto Mobile is responsive and designed e-commerce sites because it is integrated with HTML5. It provides users with terrible experience on any browsing device. Owners of an e-commerce site can take development services from Magento Development Company for a seamless shopping experience on mobile devices.

4. Single Back-End With Multiple Storefronts
Typically, e-commerce websites have only one website on the same setup, but in Magneto, there is no question of exposure. Users who use Magneto make specific, as well as an independent website for different categories of products. Has the potential. Magento users can run many websites through a single backend system. Also, it allows users to give multiple forms and designs for every website to attract customers.

5. It is SEO Friendly: Advanced SEO
Under Magento Development, experts do SEO optimizations so that the products and services provided by the e-commerce site are placed at the top of the search engine pages. Sites that are developed and designed at Magento are easily optimized and can change meta-meta tags, URLs, categories, descriptions, keywords, content and other related features. This platform also has Google and HTML sitemaps that make it easy to crawl web pages for bots from Google and highlight them at the top of the search engine.

6. Easy Integration with Third Party Services
Magento allows you to easily integrate any 3rd party extensions, applications, and additional plug-ins to optimise your e-commerce stores, such as payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping providers and tag management tools.

7. Flexibility and Highly Scalable
The top 1 million sites are designed on Magento including sites related to business sites, shopping sites, technology and automobiles. More than thousands of websites on the internet use Magento due to its flexibility and highly scalable solutions. E-commerce websites designed on the Magento platform are compatible with any new extensions or customized features.

8. Analytics and Reporting
With Magento, you can easily integrate tools like Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout, so you can track your customers online and bring them to market effectively.

9. Multiple Payment Gateways
Magento can be included with any payment gateway system. It comes with some default sets, however, it can be effectively extended to give a custom integration to sync any store requirements.

10. One-Step Checkout Process
One-step checkout is a final process for paying money when buying any product. In the one-phase checkout process, all the details and procedures of the transaction are completed within one page. This way, the important time of the customer is avoided. You can take advantage of this process by integrating the one-step checkout extension in your Magento e-Commerce store. Clearly, if you switch to a page checkout process, You will see less number of visitors leaving your shopping cart. In addition, there are several plugins that can be integrated with Magento for a more quick and consistent checkout process to keep your customers happy.

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