Advantages Of Google AdWords For Business Growth

Google AdWords is an advertising platform, where ads are delivered to users when searching. The quick advantage of Google AdWords is that it improves the visibility of the brand and brings in strong results. This is a one-stop solution that helps businesses reach their target audience right away and provides the desired results.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

In earlier times, brand awareness was more or less followed by a blind method, which is advertising on newspapers, billboards, radio and TV ads. From this point of view, the results will be obtained for consumer products, but B2B products have suffered substantially because advertising is not effective for large audiences, and there is also a hole in the pocket.

Digital advertising has revolutionized the way Google AdWords has advertised brands. With Google AdWords, advertisers can give advertisements to the audience when they are researching their product category in search engines. Advertisers can increase their audience size by targeting people on other websites through the Google Display Network. Thus, brand awareness is one of the most common benefits of Google AdWords.

2. Influence The Audience To Make The Purchase

How often do you buy or give your contact details when you first visit a website? Common answers will be very few!

The reason is that all information in this world of the Internet is available at the tip of a finger and before making any purchase decision, the consumer does a lot of research, compares different options and decides. It is important for brands to influence the decision of those who have gone to the website and have bought through the purchase funnel.

With Google AdWords Remarketing Ads, this process is very simple and effective. Visitors visiting a website through any source can be classified into different audiences and targeted on websites that are on the Google Display Network.

3. Increase Ad Visibility To The High-Quality Audience

The biggest misunderstanding among advertisers is that every keyword should have 100% search impression share. But in reality, is it possible to spend money on every search? Many times, the search can be purely for the research of a project, competitors, etc., who have no intention of buying the product.

With AdWords, it is possible to advertise to those viewers who prefer to shop. The person will have to choose automated bid strategies such as ECPC (Enhanced Cost per Click), in which the bid will be adjusted based on the combination of different information of the previous conversion data and converters, such as time, device, model, browser, time of day, week Day, etc.

4. Test, Test, Test & Let The Best Win

Let’s say that you have a new feature of your product that you think will attract customers, so you change this feature with existing features in your ad copies and update the same thing on your landing page. In the meantime, you also decided to test one of the automated bidding strategies to improve conversions.

Within one month, improving your AdWords performance in terms of CTR and conversion. You show results to your boss and your boss is impressed. Now, he asks you to implement it in all the campaigns. The only problem is that you do not know whether the new feature worked or the new bid strategy!

Google AdWords has the option to use a campaign and test from time to time, whether the original or the experiment has given better results. The data used in the experiment to remove randomness has been statistically verified.

5. Create Campaign Strategies Based On Users’ Demographics

One of the latest updates to Google AdWords is the user’s data specifically for the search campaign, such as the plan to build a home like age, gender, parental status, etc. Let’s consider an example that you are an interior designer and your target customers are those who have a home or who are planning to build a house.

You have started using Google AdWords and you believe that your conversion rate is not very good. You decide to see your audience demographics and found that 30% of traffic is coming from the 18-24 age group, which is not usually the age group of your audience.

You decide to include this age group in an experiment and run the experiment for some time. By the end of the experiment, you see that the conversion rate for your experiment is much better than the original. This is an example that demographic of users is one of the benefits of Google AdWords.

6. Schedule The Ads To Reach The Audience At The Right Time

One of the main advantages of Google AdWords is that you set the time and day to run your ads. But is it not beneficial to run 24/7 advertising? Not necessarily It depends on your industry’s top product, service, and more importantly your previous data.

After running your Google AdWords Campaign for 3-6 months, take data based on the day of the week and time of day, at the time or Identify a day or combination that is eating your money (no conversion, only clicks) and then lower or bids or stop ads on that day or day. Run the experiment for a few days and see if your conversion rate and conversion rates have improved.

7. Increase Your Audience Reach With RLSA & Broad Match Keywords

When it comes to Adwords, advertisers normally choose exact or phrase match keywords to make sure the ad is served to relevant keywords. With AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) features, one can use broad match keywords smartly. One has to create a campaign with broad match keywords and select RLSA audience for that campaign.

By this, you will expand your search query for users who have traveled with your website confidence that their search will be around your product. This helps to widen your search options to see the audience again.

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